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I Messed Up

By CJ Cooper, 2nd Battalion 1st Marines

“A year ago today occupying Abbey was the scariest day of my life. DocMayo and myself got trapped into this crowd and pinned on a wall while being gassed and flashed banged by our own guys.

" I fuckedup."

I was stuck, losing hearing, breath and

vision. Eyes tunneled and ears muffled, I heard my own heartbeat and could barely scream. My docs med bag was caught on a metal beam as he tried reaching for my arm and screaming for help like he was sinking in quicksand. On one side we were being crushed by civilians on the other the Turkish were driving an armored vehicle into people which in turn crushed us too. I screamed for my life, punched, kicked and threw mv muzzle into whatever I could, damn near breaking my hand hitting the hood of the Turks vehicle. I somehow got ahold of docs forearm and we pushed our way out. I met up with Tyler on some elevation and watched

as more gas and flashes caused heads to fall and people to run. It was the first time I'd ever seen a crushed human body and children dying

from heat exhaustion, CS, and crush injuries. That night, one of the most war hardened Marines I know, Gunnery Sgt Tate, sat down and said "l'd rather be getting shot at everyday

for the next 6 months than do that shit again."

Burn the boats”

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