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Preserving military history is vital to honor our warriors, to learn from the past, and to inspire future generations. It fosters gratitude, offers valuable lessons in strategy and leadership, and provides historical resources for education and reflection. By safeguarding this history, we ensure the sacrifices made by our service men and women are never forgotten and their experiences continue to shape our nation's identity.

What We Do

We are committed to preserving United States Military History through a multifaceted approach. The Foundation acquires, preserves, and shares artifacts, documents, and stories from past conflicts. Our extensive collection includes carefully preserved uniforms,  equipment, as well as an archive of documents, photographs, and personal accounts from service members and civilians.

To bring this history to the public, the Foundation is willing to collaborate with museums, libraries, authors, and schools,  and plans to host exhibitions and educational programs. These initiatives aim to educate and inspire the public about the experiences of our service men and women and the sacrifices they made for the country. Additionally, the foundation plans to provide valuable educational resources such as lesson plans, videos, and online exhibits, ensuring that the lessons learned from military history are accessible to teachers and students.

Marine with afghan child on HKIA Afghanistan


Our Foundation conducts research to delve into the depths of United States Military History. We analyze historical records, documents, and personal accounts to gain a comprehensive understanding of past conflicts. Through  research efforts, the Foundation aims to uncover lesser-known stories, shed light on pivotal events, and contribute to a more nuanced understanding of the nation's military history.

What Can Do To Help?

If you want to share your personal stories please visit our veteran stories tab to learn more. 




To share your videos, photos, military gear, items please refer to the contact form below. Thank you!

Help Keep History Alive

Please indicate what category of item(s) you plan to help us archive in the 'subject' feild below. Feel free to leave us a personal story of the item you plan to share or donate to us in the 'Leave us a message' box. Thank you!

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