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State At Abbey

Sgt Echo Co 2nd Battalion 1st Marines.

“The Department of State personnel that screens refugees only worked a FRACTION of the time we worked at Abbey gate. They maybe worked 12 hours of the day if I’m being generous. They would leave at night and come back in the morning. Meanwhile, all though the night we are pulling more people out of the creek, loading them into the queue and waiting for DOS to come back out. One morning a DOS lady had the nerve to tell my LT and I she had a better idea to speed up the screening process. I could see the frustration in his face. We were maybe at hour 36 on the gate at that point. Only quick naps and cigarettes keeping us awake. I told her “Ma’am, my Marines have been at this post for 36 hours. You’ve been here for 5 minutes this morning. Please tell me what more my Marines can do for you. And then, I’ll tell you that there is so much more DOS can do here. After all ma’am, this is your operation.” She made a sad face and kept her opinion to herself after that.”

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