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Humanitarian Task Force

Operation Allies Refuge Foundation's Humanitarian Task Force is comprised of veterans of the Kabul airlift. We believe that just because the operation has ended doesn't mean that our mission is over. 

Operation Allies Refuge Foundation is united by the common goal of securing a brighter future for those who risked everything for our shared values. We rely on the generosity of supporters and organizations to fund our operations and provide necessary resources. Transparent allocation of resources and accountable financial practices are central to our operations.


While challenges like security risks and logistical complexities persist, our resolve remains unshaken. Our allies' safety and freedom continue to drive us forward.


Join us in our crucial mission to honor the commitment of our allies by providing them a chance for a new life. Your support, whether through donations, advocacy, or networking, can be the difference between despair and hope for those in need.


To get involved, collaborate, or contribute, please contact us at for more information.

Together, we pave the path to safety and freedom for our allies.

Our Mission:
To facilitate the safe and secure evacuation of our allies from war-torn nations, addressing their immediate danger while working toward their long-term security and stability. 

Our Future objectives include:

  • Rescues: Executing swift and effective rescue operations to provide immediate safety to our endangered allies.

  • Safe Havens: Establishing safe havens and transit points to protect and assist our allies during their journey to safety.

  • Legal and Logistical Support: Providing legal assistance and logistical coordination to navigate complex evacuation processes.

  • Health and Well-being: Ensuring access to medical care, shelter, and psychological support for the well-being of our allies.

  • Education and Resettlement: Offering educational opportunities and resources to enable our allies to rebuild their lives and contribute positively to their new communities.

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